Date: 24th May 2016
Roots Blower For Waste Water Treatment
Roots blower(three lobes roots blower) used for waste water treatment applicationThe main function is blowing air into the water and increase the water oxygen content.this is helping for removing the iron MnO or promote the microbial degradation organics.To achieve the purpose of removal of oxide sediment material. Additional aeration can make a good contact with water and air in exchange for gaseous material removal of volatile substances in water. Such as removing odor or water the harmful gas ;such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide;Can also through the air duct inlet at the bottom of the sediment and bottom of the blast have aeration flush,Website:, through the role of the waste water pump discharge.Roots blower (PD blower)is usual and primary equipment used for varies type water sewage treatment plant. Blower air flow is below 200m3/min. NSR brand roots blower is famous and typical in the world market. Low noise and compact blower head, large air flow and high pressure. Good quality for sure.