Date: 24th May 2016
Positive Displacement Blower
Roots blower also name positive displacement blower & three lobes roots blower.Roots blower ParameterBrand : NSRModel: NSR50~NSR300Type:roots blower ; three lobes roots blowerVoltage:220V~440VAir flow:0.36~160m3/min(12~5700cfm)Power :1.1kw~260kwHigh pressure:1000~8000mmAqBore:40~300mm(1.5??~12??)Origin:China?Roots Vacuum Pump:Roots vacuum pump for VNSR type: up to -5,Website:, 000mmAq.?Belt Driven/Direct-coupling Type of Roots BlowerAir Cooing / Water Cooling Type of Roots BlowerPressure Type / Vacuum Type of Roots BlowerOne / Two Stage Type of Roots BlowerSound cabinetOEM is availableRoots blower applications:Roots blower is also name positive displacement blower (PD blower).?Used for waste water and sewage treatment plant;Pneumatic conveying system such as particles cement & PVC conveying?powder grains wheat corn soybean conveying roots blowerBiogas natural gas conveying system roots blowerVacuum Packing for Food Industry applications.Fish aquaculture shrimp pond aerationRoots blower features :High pressure blower completely oil-free airCompact structure for blower headLow noise simple maintenanceThree lobes accurate rotors blowerLong service working life SKF bearingSmall change in capacity against change in pressure