Date: 24th May 2016
Accessories And Spares
Accessories and SparesAll the roots blower accessories are available for repair or renewal service .It is including blower casing,Website:, gears,rotors,oil seals, belts & belt cover,gaskets,bearings;Also accessories: inlet and discharge silencers,pulleys,drive couplings,pressure gauge, lubricating oil,no return valve,filters,safety valve,gear oil.Features:Good and correct operation is the capital method for blower normal working.During the blower running , the gear oil and grease oil must be enough. Start working, we need to check all the parts are fixed already. The rotors are moving easily.?There is no rust and no hum.During daily moving , we should test the pressure and temperature . first running after 8hours , the grease lubricating oil must be replaced. Afterwards,it can be changed new oil after running 1000hours. Regular maintaining detection is useful to protect the blowers quality and extend the long service life.