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SHANDONG SANNIU MACHINERY CO.,LTD is professional manufacturer for three lobes roots blower .also name positive displacement blower. Our company has been established in 2004. We have more than 10years experience for making three lobes roots blowers in China. It is an advanced development in field of rotary type roots blower?s business and technology. Same high perfect quality technology for three lobes type air blower with Japan and Europe. Compact head and high pressure to conveying enough air flow for blower application. PD blowers are widely used for waste water treatment,pneumatic conveying system equipment, cement and powder transport industry ,biogas conveying blower,fish aquaculture aeration blower. Also roots vacuum pump and intensive type air blower. Our roots blower have been exported to Europe ,UK, America and many other Asia countries etc. Website:
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Roots blower ; positive displacement blower; PD blower; three lobes roots blower